With Margareth Kammerer the form of the song is expressed through early blues, folk, sound research, experimental voice, and the “Lied”.  Her minimal approach allows the texts and melodies to unfold without adhering to the structure often imposed or implied.


M.K. began her musical activity in Bologna (Italy) where she studied at the  D.A.M.S (Disciplines of Art, Music and Theater).  She co-founded several bands working with improvisation and collective composing.  After moving to Berlin, she became involved in the experimental “Echtzeit” music scene, and has since developed her craft along many different lines, both with music and performance.

Her solo work can be found on “To be an animal of real flesh” (Charizhma, 2004), and “Why is the sea so blue” (Mikroton, 2013).  Other continuing projects include: The Magic I.D. (with Christoph Kurzmann, Kai Fagachinski, and Michael Thieke), The RubyRubyRuby (with Steve Heather and Derek Shirley), Mugglestone Revue (with Big Daddy Mugglestone), Secret Spirit House (with Ellen Fullman and Teresa Wong), etc.

She has also worked with Chris Abrahams, Fred Frith, Luciano Chesa, Seby Ciurcina, Otomo Yoshihide, Paolo Angeli, Axel Dörner, Jason Forrest, Stefano Pilia, Andrea Belfi, Daniela Cattivelli, Claudio Rocchetti, the new contemporary music ensembles “Die Maulwerker” und “Ensemble Zwischentöne”, and many more.

M.K. has performed at Angelica Festival in Bologna (2008), Music Unlimited in Wels (2006) Auditorio Parco della musica (2010 Rom), Serralves em Festa (2010 Porto) Experimental Media (2010 New York), Maybeck Studio (2005 San Francisco), Festival de lá Musique Creative (1995 Nancy), Jazz á Mulhouse (2007 Mulhouse),  Musica 90 (2005 Torino), Escena Contemporanea (2005 Madrid), Teatro Fondamenta Nuove (2007 Venice), Vooruit (2009 Gent), Echtzeitmusiktage (2010 Berlin),  Netmage (2010 Bologna), Alternativa Festival (2011 Prag), Ring Ring (1994 Belgrad),  Festival Transart (2010 Bozen), Maerzmusik (2011 Berlin), Konfrontationen (2011 Nickelsdorf),  etc.

In theater, she has worked as actress/singer with Laurent Frechuret, (1999/2000, St. Etienne, Paris), Wolf Twiehaus (2001/2002, Schaubühne, Berlin), Berthold Schneider (2003, Staatsbank, Berlin), Jay Scheib (2002, Volksbühne, Berlin; 2005, Lamama Theatre, New York; 2006, Living Room, Bologna; 2009, Institute of Creative and Performing Arts at Colgate University), Adeline Rosenstein (2004-2008, Ausland, Berlin; 2009, Premieres Actes, France), Tone Avenstroup (2001, Reich und Berühmt Festival, Berlin; 2002, Lady Chutney, Vienna; 2002, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo; 2001,Black Box, Oslo; 2012, Ackerstadtpalast, Berlin), Worm Winters (2002, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo), Antonija Livingstone (2009, Performance Festival, Bologna) and Bo Wiget (2010, Fabriktheater Zürich; 2010, Sophiensäle, Berlin).